Apply for Services and Find Forms

Applications can be made online for new services, stopping services, and for new taps. For questions regarding applications for service please call 601-500-5200.

Apply for New Service – This application is for setting up a new account on an existing connection. Customers should verify if there is a meter currently at the property prior to the application.

Deposits are refundable when service is disconnected and there is no balance on the Final Bill.


  • The deposit for Residential inside of the city limits starts at $150.00. We provide sanitation, water, and waste water.
  • For Residential outside of the city limits, the deposit is $150.00. We only provide water and waste water.


  • The deposit for Commercial property starts at $150 depending on the meter size at the property.


Bank Draft Cancellation 

Bank Draft Form

Leak Adjustment Form 

Life Support Medical Form 

Linking Multiple Accounts to my DSS Profile

Stop Service Residential

Stop Service Commercial