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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Below is a list of commonly asked customer questions. Review these to find the answers you need. If you don’t see the answer you need here, please reach out to JXN Water’s 24/7 call center at 601-500-5200.

Applications for Service:

I submitted my application; can you verify that you received all my information needed?

Thank you for your application. A JXN water representative views the online submissions to verify if the request has been received. Upon reviewing the submission, they will also verify if the documents meet the requirements. If the customer is lacking any information, they will be contacted by email or by phone to provide all needed documentation to complete the request. Lacking proper documentation can prolong the application process.

How long does the application process take?

The application process takes around 2 to 3 business days to process, provided that you have included all the required documentation upon submission.

My account number was given to me, but my water is still off. When I should expect it to be turned on?

Our JXN Water meter services team is working diligently to provide water service to customers. As the applications are processed, the Field Activities are submitted to our meter services team for completion. New service customers can expect to have their water services turned on within 2 days after their account is established.


Why has my bill increased?

Your bill may have increased because JXN Water recently installed new advanced meter infrastructure or digital water meters. These meters receive a meter reading digitally every three hours, resulting in more accurate water usage readings. If you’re still concerned, suspect a leak or have further questions about your water usage, please reach out to JXN Water’s 24/7 call center at 601-500-5200.

How did my bill get on estimated billing?

If your bill is on EST or estimated billing, this means that your prior or current meter reading for your water usage was estimated due to insufficient metered usage data. Estimations are based on your past meter data trends. This could temporarily cause higher billing charges.

Once an accurate meter reading is received, your account will be rebilled and corrected. If the account was charged more than your average use, the difference will be credited to your account and will be reflected on your next bill.

Why are the sewer charges more than the water?

Sewer charges typically run higher than water across the country. This is mainly because the sewer system’s infrastructure is more expensive to build, replace and maintain than a water system and due to the costs of treatment at the sewer treatment plant, as well.

I have received a bill, can you give me the balance and tell me how I should pay?

Yes, please reach out to JXN Water. When you call, JXN Water answers! Call us at 601-500-5200. JXN Water customers can pay their bill using several convenient options, including:

  • The customer self-service portal
  • AutoPay set up through a bank account
  • A check mailed to JXN Water’s secure lockbox
  • A debit card and e-check through your bank
  • Over the phone through IVR
  • In cash through multiple easy-to-find check-free locations in the city

Why haven’t I received a bill?

We apologize if there’s been any inconvenience with receiving your bill. There may be several reasons, such as your bill is pending. You can view your bill statements online if you have signed up for the digital self-service portal here. You may also want to verify that you’re mailing address is up to date or check with your local USPS to ensure timely mail delivery.

If you have not completed an online profile or cannot find the information you’re looking for, please reach out to JXN Water’s 24/7 call center at 601-500-5200 so we can assist you further!

When should I expect a return call to settle my issues?

Being customer-centric is JXN Water’s top priority. The response time in resolving a customer concern may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the issue; however, please allow up to 24-72 hours for a return call, an email with a resolution or updates regarding the matter.

General Service Requests:

How long does it take JXN Water to respond to a service request?

In order to respond to the high amount of service requests received daily, response times typically take between 3 to 5 business days. 


My meter is leaking, when can I expect someone to come out?

Rest assured that when reporting a leak at the meter, we will place a ticket for a technician to investigate the suspected issue as soon as possible. Once a ticket is placed, tickets are worked in the order they are received.

Will my account be adjusted since the meter is leaking?

When determining adjustments, we have to first determine where the leak is coming from on the meter. There are two sides of the meter, the city’s side of the meter and the customer’s side of the meter. The city’s side of the meter is the one closest to the street. The customer’s side is the side closest to the home. The only side of the meter that measures the water being detected through the meter is the customer’s side.

If there was detection of a leak on the customer’s side, it is more likely to affect your bill than if it were on the city’s side. If a leak was detected, we can observe usage through our ReadY system. If you inform us that repairs have been made and we compare your usage and notice that it has subsided down to normal usage, we can adjust the account accordingly.

My Water:

Do I need to filter my tap water?

JXN Water conducts extensive testing daily to ensure your water is always safe to drink.  Most of this testing is done right here in Jackson by highly trained Jacksonians. They care about your water because it’s their water too!  The bottom line is your drinking water is safe and meets all required health standards.

Additional filtering of water in Jackson is not necessary. It is safe to drink right from the tap. Filtering tap water is a personal choice. The City of Jackson, in partnership with the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center, is providing filters to eligible residents. If you want a filter, visit the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center or call them at 601-362-5321.

Is my water safe?

Yes! Your water is safe, straight from the tap. JXN Water is at the forefront of public health with water that helps you and your home stay clean.

Additional filtering of water in Jackson is not necessary. It is safe to drink right from the tap. Filtering tap water is a personal choice. The City of Jackson, in partnership with the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center, is providing filters to eligible residents. If you want a filter, visit the Jackson-Hinds Comprehensive Health Center or call them at 601-362-5321.

How is my water tested?

Your water is tested several times each day to make sure it meets all required health standards, including Federal and state requirements.

Your water is tested regularly and most of that testing is done right here in Jackson by highly trained Jacksonians. They care about your water because it’s their water too! The latest water quality report is available on JXNWater.com with the most recent test results.

What if I have concerns about my water’s taste, ordor or color?

JXN Water takes your concerns seriously. We also want you to know that your water is safe, straight from the tap. It is also tested regularly and locally to meet all Federal and state requirements. Taste, odor and color issues are common in the water industry, including here in Jackson.

We recognize that there can be issues with the plumbing in your home or office that can impact what’s happening with the water delivered to you. There can also be events with the distribution system such as water main breaks, broken pipes, flushing the water lines as part of normal system operations or sudden changes in temperature outside that can account for short-term discoloration and/or cloudiness.

Let us know if you have any issues. Troubleshooting your water is something we’re here to do. Please call customer service at 601-500-5200 so water quality professionals can help.

For vulnerable individuals, the decision to consume tap water or anything else is a personal choice. You can discuss these decisions with your healthcare provider.

You can also view your Water Test History here.


Payment Arrangements:

What will happen if I miss a payment?

If a payment is missed, the payment arrangement will cancel off the account and the entire balance will be due.

How can I set up a payment arrangement?

A payment arrangement can be setup by calling the Customer Care Center at 601-500-5200.

How long will this extra payment last?

Payment arrangements will last for 12 months as long as the payments are made in full and posted to the account by the due date.

Stop Service:

What do I need in order to stop service?

There are several ways to stop service. Please review the information below to establish which type of property you wish to stop service at and what is required for each type of property.

Online: Customers can log on to the JXN Water website and click applications to stop their water service account. They will be asked to answer a few questions and to provide the address, desired stop date, account number, forwarding address and contact information.

By Phone: Call JXN Water at 601-500-5200

Residential: Customers can also call to terminate their services. They MUST be able to provide the account holder’s name, the address, account number, and the last 4 digits of the social on file. The customer will be asked to provide their desired stop date and forwarding address.

Commercial: Commercial customers need to log on to the JXN Water website to request termination of water services.

Interim Management of the City of Jackson’s Water System:

Why was an interim outside manager appointed to manage the Jackson Water system?

The water system has suffered from resource shortages that have resulted in the lack of staff with utility management experience and the applicable technical expertise. With the water system in crisis, there was not time to recruit such individuals. An interim outside manager will be able to move more quickly to bring such resources to Jackson to assist in a rapid restoration of the system. The interim manager concept was a requirement of a Stipulated Order, negotiated between US EPA, the US Department of Justice, and the City of Jackson.

Who is the interim manager?

The Federal District Court (Judge Wingate) has appointed Ted Henifin to be the interim manager. As a Senior Fellow with the US Water Alliance, Ted has worked with the city since mid-September providing advice and identifying resources to assist in the water crisis recovery. In this advisor role, Ted has become familiar with the water system and Jackson’s unique challenges.

Who pays the interim manager?

The Stipulated Order requires the interim manager’s entire budget to be paid from sources other than Jackson ratepayers. EPA is providing the funding in the form of special grants.

What are the duties of the interim manager?

The duties outlined in the Stipulated Order focus largely on a executing a list of priority projects while ensuring safe drinking water is available at all times to all people in Jackson. Additionally, the interim manager is to focus on the water billing system and begin a process that gets that back on track after years of challenges, largely set in motion with a failed contract seven years ago.

Who does the interim manager answer to?

The interim manager is an officer of the court and answers to Judge Wingate.

How long will the interim manager be in place?

The goal is to have an interim manager for as short a time as is required to stabilize the system and put the Jackson Water System on a sustainable path forward. EPA and DOJ have set a one-year target but ultimately Judge Wingate will determine when the interim manager is no longer required.

Can the interim manager raise water rates?

The Stipulated Order does include a process for the interim manager to work with the city should additional funding be required. That process includes seeking rate increases as required. There are also a number of checks and balances in the Stipulated Order that limit rate increases and borrowing to levels that can be sustained by Jackson based on affordability (compliance with a long-term financial plan to be developed by the interim manager).