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Water Test History

JXN Water completes ongoing water quality tests to keep you safe and ensure that your water meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards.

Your water is tested regularly and most of that testing is done right here in Jackson by highly trained Jacksonians.

They care about keeping your water safe because it’s their water, too!

Forever Chemicals Well Below EPA’s Proposed Standards in Jackson Water:

Unlike many communities across the country that have to address forever chemicals in their drinking water, JXN Water is pleased to announce that analytical results reveal that forever chemicals are either not present or present at extremely low levels in both the Pearl River and Jackson’s finished drinking water. The City’s drinking water enjoys levels of PFAS chemicals well below EPA’s anticipated Maximum Contaminant Levels. JXN Water will continue to sample periodically for these chemicals and will post those results as we receive them.


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Building Trust in Our Water

At JXN Water, we understand that trust is fundamental to our mission of providing safe, reliable water to the community. Our semi-annual surveys, conducted in collaboration with the THRIVE Center, are critical tools in gauging the trust and confidence that our customers have in our services.

By continuously engaging with our customers and responding to their feedback, we aim to restore and maintain trust in our water system. This ongoing dialogue ensures that our services not only meet regulatory standards but also align with the community’s expectations, fostering a positive and dependable relationship with the people of Jackson.



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