New Rate Tiers Proposed for 2024

JXN Water announced new water rates and fees for 2024, establishing new usage tiers for residential and commercial customers in Jackson to ensure safe and reliable water today and tomorrow.

Proposed rates will be shared with the Jackson City Council this month for approval. If approved, the rates will be effective beginning in January 2024. The average Jackson household representing most accounts will see a 30-cent-a-day increase.

About 12,500 accounts in the Jackson area representing customers receiving SNAP will see a 69 cents a day decrease on average. This interim measure by a local water utility bridges a gap until national policy changes to allow SNAP benefits to be used to pay water bills – something that would really help with water affordability. The new SNAP rate tier is an approach well-researched by leading water affordability scholar Manny Teodoro, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Proposed Rates

For Combined Water and Sewer Accounts (all customer classifications – all meter sizes)

Monthly Usage

1 CCF = 748 gallons

Monthly Metered Use Rate (water and sewer combined)
0 to 30 CCF  $6.00/CCF
31 to 100 CCF  $12.00/CCF
101 to 350 CCF  $14.00/CCF
351+ CCF  $16.00/CCF

Water and sewer services are based on water meter readings. All customers pay the same rate for water and sewer services based on how much water they use.

Availability Charge

Meter Size Charge (per month per meter) 
5/8”  $40
1”  $60
1 ½”  $200
2”  $320
4”  $640
6”  $1,280
8”  $2,560

Availability Charge – SNAP Customer Classification

Meter Size  Charge (per month per meter) 
5/8”  $10
1”  $10

Monthly Bill Comparison for Residential and Commercial Customer Classifications

The table below gives a snapshot of an average bill, not actual rates.

Meter Size Monthly Use Current Bill New Bill


Daily Increase Percent Increase Number of Accounts
5/8” 6.0 CCF $66.81 $76.00* $0.30 13.4 37,500
1” 8.5 CCF $89.84 $111.00* $0.71 23.6 1,125
1 ½” 32 CCF $306.27 $404.00* $3.26 31.9 700
2” 90 CCF $840.45 $1,220* $12.65 45.1 850
4” 345 CCF $3,189.00 $4,990* $60.03 56.5 250
6” 450 CCF $4,156.05 $6,760* $86.80 62.7 55

 Monthly Bill Comparisons for SNAP Customer Classification

Meter Size Monthly Use Current Bill New Bill


Daily Decrease Percent Decrease Number of Accounts
5/8” 6.0 CCF $66.81 $46.00* $0.69 31.1 12,500
1” 8.5 CCF $89.84 $81.00* $0.29 9.8 375

*The city’s sanitation charge will be added to this amount.

Water-Only, Sewer-Only, and Irrigation-Only Accounts

Usage Charge for Water-Only and Irrigation-Only Accounts

CCF $ per CCF
Up to 30 CCF (22,440 gallons) $3.00 per CCF (748 gallons)
From 31 CCF to 100 CCF (74,800 gallons) $6.00 per CCF
From 101 CCF to 350 CCF (261,800 gallons) $7.00 per CCF
Over 350 CCF $8.00 per CCF

Usage Charge for Sewer-Only Accounts

Based on Metered Water Consumption $5.00 per CCF (748 gallons)*

Availability Fees

per meter for water-only, sewer-only, and irrigation-only accounts

Meter Size Fee
5/8-inch meter $20 per month
1-inch meter $30
1 ½ – inch meter $100
2-inch meter $160
4-inch meter $320
6-inch meter $640
8-inch meter $1,280
Availability fee for SNAP Customer Classification $5 (1” or smaller meter)

Updated Fees

JXN Water will also introduce updated fees for service availability, new connections, new construction, certain specialized services, and tampering with meters.

Other Fees and Charges*

New service fee $50
New service deposit $100
Returned check fee (first returned check) $25
Returned check fee (after first returned check) $40
Service restoration fee after disconnection for non-payment $100
Meter tampering charge $500

*JXN Water reserves the right to waive fees at JXN Water’s sole discretion. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first rate increase under the ITPM. Current Rates were previously raised to (for all customer classifications – all meter sizes):

  • Water $3.85/CCF
  • Sewer$5.36/CCF
  • Service Charge $11.55/month

Industry-standard service – water for all, all the time – requires industry-standard rates. The proposed rate changes will support a safe and reliable water system for today and tomorrow by fully covering the costs of running the system.

The federal funds are for specific priority projects identified by the EPA and DOJ to stabilize the drinking water and sewer systems.

To sustain the water system, federal money won’t be enough. It will depend on the revenue from people paying their bills.

Your utility depends on the money customers pay to operate, make repairs, replace old infrastructure, and maintain things before they break.

JXN Water customers are asked for pennies on the dollar to benefit from the many millions that go into running and maintaining a modern water system.

A public, professional, and functioning water utility costs money, but it also provides tremendous value. That’s why it’s important for everyone to have a JXN Water account and pay for what you use. Our community and JXN Water must work together to improve the system.

You can view how JXN Water bills compare across the state of Mississippi: Rate Comparison – Jackson Area

Approved rates would show up on your water bill beginning in January 2024.

JXN Water is working to make sure every water user has an accurate meter and an active account. JXN Water wants every person with an account to be current on their bill. Getting behind on your bill can be challenging, and we want to help.

Get back on track by calling 601-500-5200 and seeing what assistance programs are available.