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New Rate Tiers for 2024

JXN Water has new water rates and fees for 2024, establishing new usage tiers for residential and commercial customers in Jackson to ensure safe and reliable water today and tomorrow.

Rates were shared with the Jackson City Council in December. Rates  became effective beginning on February 1, 2024, and customers will notice the increase on their February bill. The average Jackson household representing most accounts will see a 30-cent-a-day increase.

About 12,500 accounts in the Jackson area representing customers receiving SNAP will see a 69 cents a day decrease on average. This interim measure by a local water utility bridges a gap until national policy changes to allow SNAP benefits to be used to pay water bills – something that would really help with water affordability. The new SNAP rate tier is an approach well-researched by leading water affordability scholar Manny Teodoro, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


For Combined Water and Sewer Accounts (all customer classifications – all meter sizes)

Monthly Usage

1 CCF = 748 gallons

Monthly Metered Use Rate (water and sewer combined)
0 to 50 CCF  $6.00/CCF
51 to 150 CCF  $12.00/CCF
151 to 350 CCF  $14.00/CCF
351+ CCF  $16.00/CCF

Water and sewer services are based on water meter readings. All customers pay the same rate for water and sewer services based on how much water they use. Rates have been updated in response to customer feedback. JXN Water listens!

Availability Charge

Meter Size Charge (per month per meter) 
5/8”  $40
1”  $60
1 ½”  $200
2”  $320
4”  $640
6”  $1,280
8”  $2,560

Availability Charge – SNAP Customer Classification

Meter Size  Charge (per month per meter) 
5/8”  $10
1”  $10

Monthly Bill Comparison for Residential and Commercial Customer Classifications

The table below gives a snapshot of an average bill, not actual rates.

Meter Size Monthly Use Current Bill

New Bill

Daily Increase Percent Increase Number of Accounts
5/8” 6.0 CCF $66.81 $76.00* $0.30 13.4 37,500
1” 8.5 CCF $89.84 $111.00* $0.71 23.6 1,125
1 ½” 32 CCF $306.27 $404.00* $3.26 31.9 700
2” 90 CCF $840.45 $1,220* $12.65 45.1 850
4” 345 CCF $3,189.00 $4,990* $60.03 56.5 250
6” 450 CCF $4,156.05 $6,760* $86.80 62.7 55

Monthly Bill Comparisons for SNAP Customer Classification

Meter Size Monthly Use Current Bill

New Bill

Daily Decrease Percent Decrease Number of Accounts
5/8” 6.0 CCF $66.81 $46.00* $0.69 31.1 12,500
1” 8.5 CCF $89.84 $81.00* $0.29 9.8 375

*The city’s sanitation charge will be added to this amount.

Water-Only, Sewer-Only, and Irrigation-Only Accounts

Usage Charge for Water-Only and Irrigation-Only Accounts

CCF $ per CCF
Up to 50 CCF (37,402 gallons) $3.00 per CCF (748 gallons)
From 51 CCF to 150 CCF (112,208 gallons) $6.00 per CCF
From 151 CCF to 350 CCF (261,818 gallons) $7.00 per CCF
Over 351 CCF $8.00 per CCF

Usage Charge for Sewer-Only Accounts

Based on Metered Water Consumption $5.00 per CCF (748 gallons)*

Availability Fees

per meter for water-only, sewer-only, and irrigation-only accounts

Meter Size Fee
5/8-inch meter $20 per month
1-inch meter $30
1 ½ – inch meter $100
2-inch meter $160
4-inch meter $320
6-inch meter $640
8-inch meter $1,280
Availability fee for SNAP Customer Classification $5 (1” or smaller meter)

Updated Fees

JXN Water will also updated fees for service availability, new connections, new construction, certain specialized services, and tampering with meters.

Other Fees and Charges*

New service fee $50
New service deposit $100
Returned check fee (first returned check) $25
Returned check fee (after first returned check) $40
Service restoration fee after disconnection for non-payment $100
Meter tampering charge $500

*JXN Water reserves the right to waive fees at JXN Water’s sole discretion. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is happening with rates?

The Interim Third-Party Manager enacted new rates for water and sewer services in Jackson to ensure safe and reliable water (and sewer) service today and tomorrow. The rates became effective on February 1, 2024.

The 2024 budget for water and sewer totals $104 million and these rates were set to meet that need.

The overarching goal of the new rates is to ensure everyone contributes their fair share to support water and sewer services in Jackson by paying their bill, on-time, every time.

The rates have two main features:

There is a fixed availability charge that covers most of the costs that do not change with the amount of water used by customers. These costs include the operation and maintenance of the pipes and treatment facilities, the regular payments made on the debt of the system, and the cost of measuring, billing and collecting payments for services. This availability charge is based upon the meter size of each customer, and for most residents this charge will be $40 per month. This charge varies based on meter size for commercial, industrial, and multi-family users.

There is also a consumption charge for each gallon of water each customer uses. Our meters measure water in one hundred cubic foot (CCF) increments or 748 gallons. Each CCF used will cost $6.00 for water and sewer services for all customer classifications up to 30 CCF per month.

The rates includes a new customer classification for households receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from the State of Mississippi. The availability charge for customers in this customer classification will be $10 per month. The consumption charge for this customer classification is the same as all customers, $6.00 per CCF for water and sewer services up to 30 CCF per month.

This customer classification is an interim measure until national policy changes will allow SNAP benefits to be used to pay water bills. JXN Water, along with many other utilities across the country, is working with Congress to get this policy change put into law.

Current policy allows SNAP benefits to be used to purchase bottled water but not to pay a water utility bill. A recent USDA study shows 1.2 percent of SNAP benefits are spent on bottled water to a staggering $1.4 billion each year.

When do the new rates start showing up on my water bill?

The new rates began showing up on your water bill beginning on February 1, 2024.

Why are some rates being raised?

This is the first rate change under the ITPM.

Current rates were established by the City of Jackson prior to the appointment of the ITPM (for all customer classifications – all meter sizes):

Water $3.85/CCF | Sewer$5.36/CCF |Service Charge $11.55/month.

The new rates will support a safe and reliable water system for today and tomorrow by fully covering the costs of running the system for 2024.

Bill collection rates have improved some, going from 56 percent to 62 percent in the third quarter of 2023.

While JXN Water is working to get everyone current and paying their bill, even if we were collecting 100 percent – the current rates will not bring in enough money to fund the 2024 budget.

Didn't JXN Water receive a lot of federal funding?

The federal funds are for specific priority projects approved by the EPA and DOJ to stabilize the drinking water system. None of the $600 million is available for sewer work. Only local funds can be used for needed sewer system improvements.

Although $600 million is a lot of money, JXN Water anticipates all these dollars will be spent within 3-5 years. Continued investments in the water and sewer system will have to be made.

The salary for the ITPM is covered by federal grant funds, not by local ratepayers.

Your utility depends on the money customers pay to operate, make repairs, replace old infrastructure, and maintain things before they break.

Our community and JXN Water must work together to continue to improve the system.

What are other reasons why my bill may be higher than normal?

New meter. Your bill may have increased because JXN Water recently installed new advanced meter infrastructure or digital water meters. If you had an older meter that was no longer operating properly your bill was based on an estimate that may have been lower than your regular, actual usage. Your bill is now based on readings from the new meters that receive a meter reading digitally every hour, resulting in more accurate water usage readings.

Water leak. You may have a water leak in your home or property, such as a leaking toilet, sink or faucet, that may be increasing your water use more than usual. You will need to resolve the leak on your end. JXN Water is not responsible for your private pipes in your yard or inside your home. If you’re still concerned, suspect a leak or have further questions about your water usage, please reach out to JXN Water’s 24/7 call center at 601-500-5200.

How can I pay my bill?

AutoPay set up through a bank account

A check mailed to JXN Water’s secure lockbox P.O. Box 22667, Jackson, MS 39225

A debit card and e-check through your bank

Over the phone through IVR at 877-578-2490

In cash through multiple check-free locations throughout the city

Customer digital self-service portal on JXNwater.com

Who can I call about my bill or meter size?

Customers should call JXN Water customer service at 601-500-5200 to get information about their current water usage and understand how the new rates will impact their bill. Most residential customers have a 5/8” meter.

To calculate your new bill use your water consumption (from your most recent bill) X $6.00 + the availability charge based on your meter size – for most customers ($40 per month).

    What is JXN Water doing to help people who are struggling with their bills?

    JXN Water is working to make sure every water user has an accurate meter and an active account.

    JXN Water is trying to ensure water/sewer rates are equitable as reflected by the SNAP customer class.

    JXN Water wants every person with an account to be current on their bill.

    Getting behind on your bill can be challenging, but we want to help if you are unable to pay your bill.

    Customers can log on to JXN Water payment portal at any time and sign up for a payment plan that could stretch their payments over 12 months.

    Get back on track by calling 601-500-5200 and seeing what assistance programs are available.

    What if I am receiving SNAP benefits and I have not been included in the SNAP customer classification?

    Customers should call JXN Water customer service at 601-500-5200 and provide information proving they are currently receiving SNAP benefits from the state of Mississippi.

    You will be in the Residential Customer Classification until then.

    What is the benefit of drinking tap water?

    Customers can save a lot of money by drinking JXN Water. Think about a typical 24-pack of 16-ounce water bottles from the grocery store – $3.99 per pack.

    At the new proposed rate, including both the new availability fee and per-gallon charges, a single-family residential customer pays about $0.18 for the same 24-pack’s worth of tap water.

    Drinking tap water is affordable, budget-friendly, and healthy.

    How do JXN Water's rates compare to other utilities in the state?

    You can view how JXN Water bills compare across the state of Mississippi: Rate Comparison – Jackson Area

    About JXN Water

    JXN Water is committed to providing safe, reliable drinking water and collecting and cleaning wastewater before it returns to our local waterways. Customers can continue to call the new JXN Water customer call center at 601-500-5200 at any time, any day, seven days a week to connect with staff who can check on their account, help them establish new service and resolve issues quickly and directly.

    JXN Water is a Mississippi corporation that serves as an agent for ITPM to achieve the objectives of the federal stipulated orders (water and sewer) under the direction of Judge Henry Wingate.