About JXN Water

JXN Water is the Mississippi corporation formed to conduct the business necessary for the Interim Third-Party Manager to achieve the objectives of the Stipulated Order.

Most of the work required during this interim arrangement will be accomplished with contractors. JXN Water will have a small staff to manage contracts, finances, and communications as well as retain a billing staff, a staff to manage water meters, a staff to install new service water taps, and a call center staff. City employees will continue to fill most of these positions with JXN Water reimbursing the City for the full-time use of these people.

On November 29, 2022, Federal Judge Henry Wingate approved a Stipulated Order naming Edward “Ted” Henifin as the Interim Third-Party Manager of the City of Jackson’s drinking water and the associated billing system.

The objectives for the Interim Third-Party Manager are as follows:

  • To operate, maintain, manage and control the Drinking Water System in compliance with the SDWA, Mississippi SDWA, and their implementing regulations, and to implement capital improvements to the System, including those identified in the Priority Project List, and operate, maintain, manage, and control WSBA, consistent with the terms of this Stipulated Order;
  • To comply with all the requirements of this Stipulated Order, including but not limited to: (i) implementing each phase of the projects included in the Priority Project List, in accordance with the Priority Project List Implementation Schedule and to the extent that funding is available in the Capital Improvements Account for each such phase of the projects on the List; (ii) advising, consulting, and collaborating with the Director of Public Works, and consulting with EPA and MDEQ, in making financial, managerial, planning, and operational decisions about the System and/or WSBA where such decisions have the potential to materially impact the Sewer System; (iii) and performing all reporting requirements outlined in Paragraph 16 of the Stipulated Order;
  • To abate conditions of the System that present or may present an imminent and substantial endangerment to the health of persons served by the System to the extent practicable.

Our Team

JXN Water has hired staff members who will start in their roles in January 2023.

Ted Henifin

Edward “Ted” Henifin as the Interim Third-Party Manager of the City of Jackson’s drinking water and the associated billing system.

Contact Ted

(757) 274-7904

Jordan Hillman

Jordan is the Chief Operating Officer of JXN Water. Jordan is on loan from the City of Jackson where she most recently served as the Interim Director of Public Works.

Contact Jordan