About JXN Water

JXN Water is changing for the better.

JXN Water is a Mississippi water utility company run by interim third-party manager, Ted Henifin who was authorized by a federal court order on November 29, 2022 by United States District Judge Henry Wingate to reestablish water infrastructure, operations and put the Jackson Water system on a sustainable path forward.

Since Feb. 2023, JXN Water has repaired nearly 600 leaks and opened 400 closed valves. JXN Water aims to provide safe, clean and accessible water and sewer services to all Jackson residents.

We’ve come a long way and we’re not done. We’ll continue improving the water service you receive. JXN Water is committed to providing safe, clean and accessible water for all residents.

Objectives for the Interim Third-Party Manager:

  • To operate, maintain, manage and control the Drinking Water System in compliance with the and their implementing regulations.
  • To comply with all the requirements of this Stipulated Order, including but not limited to:
      • Implementing each phase of the projects included in the Priority Project List, in accordance with the Priority Project List Implementation Schedule and to the extent that funding is available in the Capital Improvements Account for each such phase of the projects on the List
      • Advising, consulting and collaborating with the Director of Public Works, and consulting with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (EMDAQ) in making financial, managerial, planning and operational decisions about the System and/or Water Sewer Business Administration (SBWA) where such decisions have the potential to materially impact the Sewer System.
      • Performing all reporting requirements outlined in Paragraph 16 of the Stipulated Order.
  • To abate conditions of the System that present or may present an imminent and substantial endangerment to the health of persons served by the System to the extent practicable.

Our Team

Edward “Ted” Henifin
Interim Third-Party Manager of the City of Jackson’s drinking water and sewer system

Contact Ted:
[email protected]

Jordan Hillman
Jordan is on loan from the City of Jackson where she served as the Interim Director of Public Works.

Contact Jordan:
[email protected]