E.Coli Not Present In Repeat Samples Supporting JXN Water Claims That Original Test Was Likely A False Positive

Repeat samples were taken from the JXN Water system after the state lab reported E-coli was present in two samples from the JXN Water system and two in Flowood on January 11, 2024.  The repeat sampling is a requirement of the EPA Revised Total Coliform Rule. Repeat sampling provides confirmation under the rule. No violation of the E-coli standard under the Safe Drinking Water Act is issued without confirmation. The six required repeat samples – taken from the sample locations with the positive results reported on January 11, 2024, and the nearest upstream and downstream sample locations – were taken and delivered to the state laboratory on January 11, 2024.  The state laboratory notified JXN Water this morning that all six samples were negative – no E-coli was present. “Confirmation is an integral part of the process as defined in the EPA Total Coliform Rule to ensure there were no sampling or analysis errors before taking action that can needlessly scare consumers and create significant impact to water related businesses in the service area,” said Ted Henifin, the Interim Third-Party Manager of JXN Water. “I still do not understand why the Mississippi Department of Health issued the city-wide boil water notice before confirming the initial results. The damage to confidence in our water system and economic impact to our area businesses is enormous.” JXN Water will continue to conduct the sampling of all 120 sample locations today and tomorrow to meet the MSDH requirement of obtaining clear samples from all sample locations on two consecutive days before the state will lift the boil water notice issued on January 11, 2024. About JXN Water JXN Water is committed to providing safe, reliable drinking water and collecting and cleaning wastewater before it returns to our local waterways. Customers can continue to call the new JXN Water customer call center at 601-500-5200 at any time, any day, seven days a week to connect with staff who can check on their account, help them establish new service and resolve issues quickly and directly. JXN Water is the Mississippi corporation formed for the appointed Interim Third-Party Manager to achieve the objectives of the federal stipulated orders that re-establish the utility’s operations and maintenance functions for the entire water system.