JXN Water Collections Improving

JACKSON, Miss. – JXN Water continues to make collection strides to help every customer get current on their bill and ensure every customer is paying their fair share for the services received.

Collections Improving, Revenues Increased

Letters to customers with past due balances began going out in March and many customers have stepped up and paid their past due balances to avoid disconnection. Other letters were sent to customers using water without accounts informing them their service will be disconnected if they do not set up an account with JXN Water. Many have established accounts as a result of these notices.

Severance for past due accounts and turnoffs for non-account began in March. The latest collection rate will be part of the upcoming quarterly report for January-March 2024, which will be made available in May.

As a result, revenues have increased in the past few months. The increased focus on billing and collection will continue throughout the year with the goal of getting every account paid up and current by the end of this year.

“We never want to disconnect anyone from the water system but we need everyone to get current on their bill. Without local revenues, we cannot continue the progress we have made over the past year to stabilize the drinking water system and stop the sewer overflows that have plagued Jackson neighborhoods for years,” said JXN Water Interim Third-Party Manager Ted Henifin.

JXN Water bills for trash pick-up on behalf of the City of Jackson with the water bill. JXN Water supports the City of Jackson collecting sanitation charges on their own or through their current vendor. The money collected and paid to the city for trash collection exceeded the contract cost of $851,000, as published recently in the Clarion Ledger, in each of the first three months of the city’s fiscal year:

Revenues Collected

October 2023            $1,028,249.33

November 2023          $   902,189.51

December 2023          $   970,589.34