JXN Water Statement Regarding Water Utility System Staffing

We are grateful for the people and staff who have worked as best they can to maintain the water utility system over many years with very few resources. Moving forward, our goal is that they have the opportunity to continue their work, receive adequate training, and access better resources throughout the rehabilitation process.

In this, improving water service for Jackson customers is the first priority for JXN Water. To accomplish this very urgent task, outsourcing is necessary to overcome the very challenging working conditions that, over time, reduced the effectiveness of the many dedicated and hard-working employees.

As the Interim Third-Party Manager, JXN Water is working with local contractors to find placement opportunities for City employees whose functions will be outsourced in the near future, which includes the call center, water maintenance, meter reading and maintenance, and some of the billing and collection functions.

The current employees in these departments will have the opportunity to work for a well-resourced private contractor with strong wages and benefits. Others will be reassigned to other positions within the City to the greatest extent possible.