JXN Water Winter Weather Operations Update: January 20, 2024

JXN Water encourages customers to keep at it: Fix leaks in your home and on your property and lower your typical water use to improve overall water system pressure for next week.

Current status:

  • The service area finally saw a 1.5 million gallon decrease in water use.
  • Still, the system is experiencing 9.5 million gallons over normal water demand.
  • New leaks are putting an additional 3 million-gallon demand on the system.
  • There were 18 additional leak reports since yesterday’s update, bringing the total to 103.
  • If demand continues to trend down, we should see slow gains through the day and into this evening.
  • Unchanged:
    • Approximately 1,000 customers throughout south and west Jackson in the previously identified five zip codes still do not have water.
    • The 12,000 customers in the previously identified five zip codes in south and west Jackson are still under a boil water notice.

What are we doing?

  • We have 14 crews out working making repairs at 60 locations today.
  • JXN Water continues to work on the system to get everyone water as soon as possible.
  • JXN Water is prioritizing repairs, addressing the larger leaks first. We will get to the smaller leaks as soon as we can.

 What can customers do?

  • Please keep reporting leaks by calling the call center at 601-500-5200.
  • Find leaks on your property and in your home. While our repairs will make a difference, we need everyone to look at their own property for leaks and make those repairs as quickly as possible.
  • Cut back on your water use today and through the weekend. We really need your help to reduce water consumption for the next few days while the system recovers. Please check your property for leaks, and close any faucets open for freeze protection (until temperatures drop below 30 degrees tonight and then just a very small drip).

Together we can ensure everyone’s water service is restored as quickly as possible.

As a reminder, we are still trying to limit call center volume. Only call to report leaks again today.

B-Roll is Available for Media Use: https://hdr.wistia.com/medias/oxbu5da64r.