Priority Project List

  1. Develop an operation and maintenance contract for all Jackson drinking water facilities to include the water treatment plants, the wells, the storage tanks, and the distribution system. Award the contract to a qualified firm of a period of not less than five-years with renewal options.
  2. Complete all actions necessary to winterize all drinking water facilities and make them resilient to the impacts of freezing weather.
  3. Complete the implementation of the MSDH-approved corrosion control plan.
  4. Develop a plan for emergency supply and distribution of potable and non-potable water if needed to meet water demand beyond the capability of the Jackson drinking water facilities.
  5. Develop and implement a plan to make the water distribution system resilient, sustainable, and reliable. Work will include development of a computer model, analysis of alternatives, creating of an asset management system, and other actions that will led to dependable delivery of water (volume and pressure) to all Jacksonians, all the time.
  6. Develop a long-term financially sustainable plan for the Jackson water system that ensures clean, safe, and affordable drinking water for all of Jackson.
  7. Improve the data available to control processes, manage and operate systems (to include the distribution systems) through new sensors, software, and other technology.
  8. Modernize the chemical feed systems at the water treatment plants to ensure optimized chemical dosing through automation and flow paced dosing.
  9. Improve the safety and operation of the chlorination systems at all water facilities.
  10. Repair raw water intake facilities at OB Curtis and JH Fewell.
  11. Restore full performance and designed redundancy to all treatment processes at OB Curtis and JH Fewell.
  12. Determine if there is any sediment in any finished water storage facilities and if so, develop and implement a plan to remove all sediment.
  13. Evaluate all water facilities for the need for emergency or redundant power.