Facilities Plan Public Hearing Set for Wednesday, May 22

JXN Water will host a public hearing to be held at JXN Water Offices at 1054 Greymont Ave, Jackson MS at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. The Public Hearing will provide information on its Facilities Plan for the proposed Chemical System Repairs Project at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant.

JXN Water will be seeking low interest Drinking Water System Improvement Revolving Loan Fund (DWSI RLF) assistance for Fiscal Year 2024. The impact of the project will be improving customer satisfaction and safe, reliable service delivery of drinking water. Adverse impacts on historical, archaeological, or cultural areas are not expected, which is certified in the response letter from the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The letter from Fish and Wildlife Service specified that the proposed project does not contain suitable habitat for species protected under the ESA. The project is necessary to ensure the City of Jackson consistently and reliably provide drinking water to its customers. The loan’s total cost is estimated at $32,200,000, which is being sought through the DWSIRLF low-interest loan program. The project is eligible for participation under the State of Mississippi low­ interest DWSIRLF loan program.

The Public Hearing will describe the recommended project, estimated costs, and the estimated cost per household impact for customers for the eligible loan. The typical residential customer bill for drinking water is not expected to increase, assuming the loans can be obtained through the DWSI RLF loan program. The hearing’s purpose is to inform and to seek and gather input from people affected. Comments and viewpoints from the public are encouraged.

JXN Water will begin a public comment period on April 8, 2024. The comment period will allow citizens to review the proposed Project Facilities Plan and offer additional comments.

A copy of the Amended 2021 Facilities Plan is available by email request to David Stejskal at [email protected]. Written comments, suggestions, and questions may be submitted to the same until May 20, 2024.