It’s Time for Everyone To Get Current: JXN Water Turnoffs for Nonpayment Will Start Again in Late Fall

Starting the week of September 25, JXN Water customers are receiving a letter that explains that turnoffs will begin for nonpayment this fall. To run a functioning water utility, JXN Water depends on customers to pay their bill to “run the system, make needed repairs and replace things before they break,” the letter says. “No customers have been turned off yet. It’s important we give the community time to prepare for turnoffs resuming later this year,” said Ted Henifin, Interim Third Party Manager for JXN Water. “It’s time for customers to get current on their water bill.” JXN Water has found thousands of properties that are using water without an account in the system and are also facing service disruption soon. Properties without a JXN Water account can officially start service by visiting Before turnoffs begin, JXN Water is encouraging customers that now is the time to get current on their bill with all the many ways to pay. Customers can call the 24-hour customer service line at 601-500-5200 to request and start a payment plan that can stretch the balance of a bill over several months. Customers can also log in at at any time to pay their bill. Donations for New JXN Water Customer Assistance Fund Being Collected Now Through a partnership with the Community Foundation for Mississippi, JXN Water is seeking donations for a new customer assistance fund that can help customers who need a helping hand on their current bill. Money from this fund will not be used toward longstanding water bill balances. Donations can be made to the JXN Water Customer Assistance Fund at the Community Foundation for Mississippi at