JXN Water Announces Cooperation With Law Enforcement Agencies In Investigation Of Deliberate Misinformation

Today JXN Water remains concerned that the social media post that spread misinformation regarding planned water plant shutdowns and encouraged customers to fill bathtubs and jugs may have been a deliberate attempt to disrupt water services for all JXN Water customers.

The post went viral at some point on Wednesday afternoon and created an additional demand on the water system of more than four million gallons, which resulted in loss of system pressure for approximately 12,000 customers by early Thursday morning.

The specific wording of the post is as follows:

“Just got word they are about to shut off water in Jackson. If you’re in Jackson, fill up your tubs and jugs! Get prepared for not having water.”

JXN Water officials will be working with the appropriate law enforcement agencies:

  1. to try to identify the sources of this damaging post; and
  2. to determine if these sources had criminal intent which could lead to prosecution under the law. Accordingly, law enforcement agencies, after accumulating this information, can determine if further criminal action is warranted.

JXN Water encourages all customers to check JXNWater.com or call the 24/7 call center at 601-500-5200 should they see or hear any information regarding the water or sewer system from sources other than JXN Water.

United States District Court Judge Henry T. Wingate has authorized this message.