JXN Water Announces PFAS Testing Results

JACKSON, Miss. – Unlike many communities across the country that have to address forever chemicals in their drinking water, JXN Water announces that testing of our water revealed that forever chemicals are either not present or present at extremely low levels in both the Pearl River and Jackson’s finished drinking water.

“Because JXN Water took steps last year – well ahead of regulatory requirements – to test Jackson’s water for “forever chemicals,” we have answers to the PFAS question today,” said Ted Henifin, interim third-party manager for JXN Water. “We don’t have a PFAS problem here.”

Jackson’s drinking water enjoys levels of PFAS chemicals well below EPA’s new Maximum Contaminant Levels.  EPA announced their new standards for PFAS chemicals (Forever Chemicals) in drinking water earlier today.

JXN Water will continue to sample periodically for these chemicals and will post those results as we receive them at www.JXNwater.com/our-water.