JXN Water ITPM Ted Henifin and Judge Henry T. Wingate Issue Clarification Regarding Senate Bill 2628

JACKSON, Miss. (March 15, 2024) – This press release aims to address some possible misconceptions involving Senate Bill 2628, the Mississippi Capital Region Utility Act, which passed the Mississippi Senate on March 12, 2024. This Senate version is not law yet. To be law, the bill must pass the Mississippi House of Representatives and be signed by the Governor. There is no guarantee that a final bill will pass the House, nor is there a guarantee that the final bill will mirror the bill as passed by the Senate. 

This Mississippi Capital Region Utility Act would create a new utility authority. The new authority would be governed by an unpaid, nine-member board made up of rate-paying water utility customers. The authority will assume operational responsibility once Judge Wingate issues final judgements in the water and sewer cases currently under his oversight. That is not anticipated until late 2027.

In the interim, the new authority will organize and work closely with the Court to develop a transition plan that will ensure a smooth transition only when the final judgements are issued. The Interim Third-Party Manager will continue to operate and manage water and sewer services for the system through JXN Water until that time.