JXN Water Releases 2022 Annual Water Quality Report

JXN Water customers are receiving letters about the city’s water quality as part of the utility’s mandatory annual filing due in July every year.

The 2022 Water Quality Report is now available at JXNWater.com/WQR.

JXN Water hopes you will read the report, which features:

  • A data table that details the testing results from January 1 through December 31, 2022.
  • Source water information (where we’re getting our water from)
  • Summary of monthly water analyses showing what’s in our water
  • Water utility resources, including JXN Water’s new customer support number, 601-500-5200, that connects you to staff 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

This report is transparent about the known problems and challenges the system faced in the past year. JXN Water continues to change for the better to re-establish the water system in Jackson.

“From the source water to the tap, JXN Water is committed to providing safe, reliable water you can depend on. JXN Water has worked tirelessly to resolve pressure issues throughout the water system,” said Ted Henifin, JXN Water interim third party manager. “Since February 2023, we have repaired nearly 150 leaks and opened 90 valves (fully or partially closed). We are not done with our work. In the months ahead, JXN Water will improve the distribution system, replacing small-diameter pipes and upgrading treatment processes at the water plants.”