JXN Water Releases Community Update Video About Repairs Made to Water Lines

JXN Water continues to restore broken systems, repair breaks, fix leaks and improve water service. Repairs to Jackson’s water infrastructure take center stage in the utility’s first community update video, showcasing significant overhauls to the water line serving northwest, south Jackson, and the Georgetown area.

“It’s a very important line to the system that averages about 12 million gallons a day going out through this water line,” said Jordan Hillman, the chief operating officer at JXN Water. “JXN Water’s top priority is delivering safe drinking water to every household and business by ensuring reliable and sustainable infrastructure is in place for future generations.”

Community updates are part of JXN Water’s commitment to providing regular information on how the system is changing for the better.

Customers can stay in the flow and receive answers to frequently asked questions about their account or water service by calling JXN Water Customer Service at 601-500-5200.