JXN Water Winter Weather Operations Update – Monday, January 22, 2024

With temperatures warming up and incremental pressure increases overnight, JXN Water is optimistic most customers should have water coming to their meter. As daily demand hits the system, we may see isolated pressure problems in customers living in higher elevations, especially in the zip codes of 39209, 39204, 39212, 39272, and 39170.


  • “We’re confident that everyone has water to their meter, but pressure may be lower than normal,” said Interim Third Party Manager Ted Henifin. Customers are encouraged to call 601-500-5200 so we can lean in and figure out what may be contributing to their pressure or outage issues to fully address it.
  • Crews are out and actively repairing 90 locations and addressing a running total of 129 breaks, with eight new breaks reported since yesterday’s update. Addressing the backlog of breaks, crews are getting close to being caught up.
  • Compared to yesterday, the system saw customer water use increase by 1.2 million gallons and overall the system is seeing 9.6 million gallons over normal water demand.
  • Unchanged:
    • The 12,000 customers in the previously identified five zip codes in south and west Jackson are still under a boil water notice today. Water testing continues in hopes of lifting this notice as early as tomorrow once test results verify the lift.
  • Lynch Street is still closed today as crews address a main break. We anticipate the road reopening later today.
  • To do emergency repairs safely, crews may turn off water to make pipe repairs. Usually this takes a few hours before water is restored. Please call 601-500-5200 at any time for updates.

 What can customers do?

  • Please keep reporting leaks and let us know if you have no water by calling the call center at 601-500-5200.
  • Find leaks on your property and in your home. While our repairs will make a difference, we need everyone to look at their own property for leaks and make those repairs as quickly as possible.
  • Double check for dripping faucets. Temperatures have risen above freezing and are forecast to remain there for the next 10 days. Please turn off any faucets you may have had dripping during the freeze to protect your own pipes.