JXN Water Winter Weather Operations Update – Sunday, January 21, 2024

JXN Water announces the system is showing signs of stabilization with better pressure, lower water use and water production keeping up with demand.

Current status:

  • A handful of customers in areas with higher elevation have extremely low pressure or perhaps still no pressure this morning. These customers are located across the previously identified five zip codes.
  • Compared to yesterday, the system saw customer water use decrease by 1.2 million gallons. Still, the system is experiencing 8.5 million gallons over normal water demand.
  • New leaks are estimated at putting 2.5 million gallons of demand on the system.
  • There were eight additional leak reports since yesterday’s update, bringing the total to 111.
  • Unchanged:
    • The 12,000 customers in the previously identified five zip codes in south and west Jackson are still under a boil water notice. Water testing continues in hopes of lifting this notice early in the week once test results verify the lift.

What are we doing?                                       

  • JXN Water continues to increase pressure throughout the system and overall the system has made significant progress.
  • We have 14 crews out working making repairs at a running total of 80 locations today.
  • JXN Water is prioritizing repairs and is starting to make it lower flow pipe breaks.
  • Lynch Street is still closed today as crews address a main break. We anticipate the road reopening later today.
  • To do emergency repairs safely, crews may turn off water to make pipe repairs. Usually this takes a few hours before water is restored. Please call 601-500-5200 at any time for updates.

 What can customers do?

  • Please keep reporting leaks and let us know if you have no water by calling the call center at 601-500-5200.
  • Find leaks on your property and in your home. While our repairs will make a difference, we need everyone to look at their own property for leaks and make those repairs as quickly as possible.