JXN Water Winter Weather Update On Operations – Monday, January 15

Monday started with typical plant production and flows in the system and a typical volume for leaks.

JXN Water continues to monitor weather conditions and encourages people to take steps to protect their pipes:

  • Let a mix of cold and warm water drip from your faucets. A slow, steady stream the width of a spaghetti noodle of water keeps water moving through the pipes and prevents them from freezing during very cold temperatures.
  • Wrap up pipes that are close to exterior walls, near windows or in unheated basements with pieces of insulation. Any pipe that is vulnerable or has caused problems in the past should be wrapped up. You can also consult a plumbing professional about the use of heat tape, which when used properly, can help with problematic pipes.
  • Keep your thermostat above 55 degrees, especially when leaving your home or taking vacation.
  • Keep cabinet doors open that lead to exposed pipes, such as near sinks and access doors so the household air can flow through and warm them.

Remember: JXN Water is not responsible for private plumbing inside a home or business. Customers should call a plumbing professional or their insurance provider to help or address any damage related to pipe bursts or frozen pipes.