Statement on Water Utility Shut-offs at Apartment Complexes

JACKSON, Miss. – Shut-offs have begun for multi-family apartment complexes with delinquent water bills. JXN Water has made major strides in improving the consistency and reliability of water throughout the Jackson community. To maintain our progress in improving the system, everyone must pay their fair share. We are thankful to the residents and businesses who have consistently paid their water bills. To protect our paying customers’ contribution to the system, we must hold people accountable who have outstanding balances with JXN Water.

Regarding the recent and future shut-offs, we want to provide clarity:

  1. The property management companies are contacted multiple times by our office, and a notice of disconnection is issued in advance. This is in line with our policy to ensure that property owners have ample opportunity to address any payment issues.
  2. If no action is taken to resolve the outstanding balance, the property enters the severance process. This process is necessary to maintain fairness and accountability across our customer base.
  3. We understand the impact on residents who may not be directly responsible for the non-payment. We encourage residents in affected properties to engage with their property management company to understand the steps being taken to restore service.
  4. If you are a resident at an apartment complex that may be a customer of JXN Water, please confirm with your property management company that their water account is current.

We urge property owners and management companies to fulfill their obligations promptly to prevent future disruptions. Property managers or owners can call 601-500-5200 for inquiries regarding outstanding balances or ways to pay.