The Hard Freeze Is Over: JXN Water Encourages Customers To Return To Normal Water Use

As JXN Water crews are out keeping up with leaks widespread throughout the city, higher demand for water is up ten million gallons more today than usual. Of that ten million, about 7.5 million gallons is coming from customer water use.

JXN Water leaders thank customers for helping the utility get through most of the deep freeze without major service disruptions. Now we encourage them to return back to their normal water use.

“We expect a few more challenges as the ground thaws and causes some additional pipe breaks but we remain fully prepared to address those,” said Ted Henifin, Interim Third-Party Manager. “We certainly hope your own plumbing fared well through this deep freeze and ask that you turn your dripping faucets off now that temperatures have risen above freezing.  This will help us keep your service uninterrupted should we experience more pipe breaks as we thaw out over the next few days.”

Leaks inside the home on the customer’s side may can add up quickly and cause a high water bill. Customers should log into their Digital Self-Service account at to check their normal water use. The main cause of leaks inside most homes are from the toilets, shower hoses, kitchen and bathroom faucets.

Leaks outside the home from the street to the meter are JXN Water’s responsibility. JXN Water crews are still out isolating neighborhood pipe breaks. Repairs may be delayed up to 48 hours depending on the type of break and the way the line sits in the system. Customers can call 601-500-5200 if they have any questions about their water, report neighborhood leaks or report public pipe breaks.